(i) Public performances of stage plays must be licensed under the Licensing Act 2003

(ii) A license to sell intoxicating liquor.

(iii) A license under The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to play or perform music in public.

2.  Hirers of rooms at the Portland Community Venue must adhere to the below or will be billed for the rectification.

(i) The Hirer will be responsible for any damage to fixtures, fittings and equipment on the premises, whether accidental or otherwise.

(ii) The Hirer is responsible for the removal of all refuse at the conclusion of the booking, and for leaving the premises clean and tidy in readiness for the next user.

(iii) No additions or alterations may be made to the premises or any fixtures, fittings or equipment.

(iv) No notice or decoration may be pinned, taped or stuck to any part of the premises other than on the notice boards provided without the permission of the Venue Manager.

3. No overnight parking is permitted on any part of the Venue property.

4. The Hirer may use the premises only during the times and for the purpose stated in the confirmation of Hiring.

5. The Hirer must ensure that all lights and electrical appliances (other than refrigerators) are switched off and that the premises are secured and locked before leaving, unless requested to do otherwise.

6. The Hirer must ensure that the main building alarm is set and all doors and windows are locked if their session is outside of normal hours and has been instructed to do so. 

7. If given access to a key, hirer to ensure that it is securely placed back in the key box. Failure to do so or loss of the key will result in a charge of £100.

8.  The Hirer will indemnify Portland Community Venue against all claims,  costs, actions and demands arising out of the Hirer’s use of the premises.

9.  The Hirer must ensure that the noise level on the premises (including entering and leaving) is kept to a minimum so as not to cause a nuisance to nearby residents. 

10. The Hirer must clean any spillages immediately to minimise the risk of injury. Equipment to do so is in the main kitchen (off the Hall).

11. The Hirer must leave the room as they found it - this includes returning any tables to their original position. Rectangular tables should be returned to the table trolley if that's where they came from. Chairs should be re-stacked, ensuring a maximum of 5 chairs per stack.

The premises must be vacated by 11.45 p.m.

12. The Hirer has the legal responsibility for food hygiene and food safety.

13. Portland Community Venue public liability insurance covers any injury to a third party as a result of a defect in the premises whereby we could be held to be negligent in some way. Hirers running activities should have their own public liability insurance, in case an accident occurs as a result of the activity that is not attributable to a defect in the property of the Portland Community Venue.

14.  Portland Community Venue is a non-smoking site.

15.  The Hirer may terminate the hire agreement upon giving the Venue Manager not less than seven days written notice.  (Notice to include the day of hiring but not the day of notice). If the Hirer fails to give such notice then the full hiring charge will be payable prior to the date of the proposed hiring, notwithstanding the fact that the Hirer does not use the premises.

16.  The maximum suggested numbers allowed in each room (as per fire & insurance regulations) are as below;

Hall - 122 seated, 270 standing (Seating should be arranged in aisles no more than 14 seats assuming there is a gangway at each end. With 1 gangway, seating is limited to 7 seats in a row. Seating should measure a minimum 305mm from the back of one seat to the front of the next)

Studio  - 60 persons standing or seated

Lobby -  12 persons standing or 5 seated

Sitting Room - 35 persons standing or 15 persons seated

Note these are all maximum numbers and you should inspect to ensure suitability of room for your needs.

17. Portland Community Venue is not responsible for any loss of or any damage to vehicles parked on its premises, or their contents .

18. All lettings will be at the discretion of the management or its representatives, who may refuse lettings if they consider it in the interests of the site to do so.